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Xpedition Xlite35

Xpedition Xlite35

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The Xlite was designed with the serious bowhunter in mind. Made from the proprietary alloy Magnite™, the Xlite is stronger and more consistently manufactured than carbon, lighter than aluminum, and dead in the hand. Designed specifically for the Xlilte35, the XB35 cams are built to produce higher speeds without sacrificing the comfortable draw cycle found in our XB1 cam system that simplifies the shooting experience while providing the smoothest draw cycle in the history of Xpedition Xlite bows are available in 29, 31, 33, or 35 axle to axle configurations and a range of durable Cerakote finishes.

The Xlite 35 is designed for big spaces and big shooters, featuring the longest MAGNITE™ riser and brand new XB35 cams. With a stabilized 340 fps down-range accuracy, it offers an unmatched shooting platform. The Xlite 35 is the best all-around shooting platform, combining the stiffness of the dual-bridged riser design with new adjustable 17 & 19 degree grip options for a custom fit.

Magnite Key Features

  • 30% lighter than 6061 aluminum
  • Stronger than carbon
  • 20x more vibration dampening than commercial grade carbon, 3x more vibration dampening than 6061 aluminum
  • Trusted and used in the defense and aerospace industries

    XB35 Dual Cam System

    • Two module system designed for optimal performance at all draw lengths
    • Strategically positioned dual cable stops for a rock-solid back wall
    • Durable Cerakote finish

    340 fps

    35” +/- .0625”

    Brace Height
    6" +/- .0625”

    3.9 lbs

    50, 60, 65, 70 lbs

    LET OFF:
    80% ADJ

    XB1: 26”-32”

    DRAW LENGTH ADJUSTMENT Modular (.5” Incr) *No bow press required
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